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2018 Top Nine Instagram Wrap-Up

On the first day of 2018, I wrote a bold-lettered phrase in my bullet journal:


Well… 2018 certainly lived up to the title. Talk about change! In addition to Brian and I living vagabond for a full year, I had that other big thing. That really, really, really big thing. So big it made #1 on my top nine Instagram posts.

Considering how perfectly this block of Instagram photos summarized my year, I decided to let it be my guide for the 2018 year end post. (To see the posts on Instagram, click the titles.)


So here they are, beginning with the biggest change of them all:

#1 Taking a Leap

Funny how my most significant event from last year ended up my #1 photo for 2018: The announcement about leaving my twenty-four year career as an NBC television photojournalist

Top Nine #1 Your Lori as a News Photographer at KSBY
1994, at my first news job KSBY in San Luis Obispo CA

The reaction to my blog post about leaving blew me away. It made for an emotional couple of weeks and stirred a lot of conversation about the state of the world and the importance of civility.

So how is life after news? In a word… SPECTACULAR.

#2 and #9 Hagerty’s Why I Drive

I ended up on the other side of the camera in early November, thanks to my pal Corinne who nominated Bondorella and me for Hagerty’s Why I Drive segment, a web series highlighting drivers and their classic cars.

Insta #2 Hagerty Why I drive Lori and Bondorella* Photo by Robert Angelo*

We had a ridiculous amount of fun and the video they made, well, there are no words. Robert and Aaron perfectly captured how my truck makes me feel. You can see the video and read my summary on the Motor Dolls blog by clicking this link.

#3 Airstream Stripping

Thanksgiving day 2017, Brian and I brought home the Tiny Trailer, a 1966 Airstream Caravel. We’d been looking for an Airstream for a long time and finally found the perfect one. Mostly original. In solid shape. The only downside was the patchy clear coat. No problem. We’d simply strip it. Finding the time, though, proved to be a challenge… until I quit my job! My first week of freedom, I started the process. Insta #3 Lori and her 66 Airstream CaravelIt’s not done yet, but getting there! Can’t wait to take this baby on an adventure.

#4 Twenty Years Married

In June, Brian and I celebrated our twentieth anniversary. We had a wonderful week at our Motor Palace in Winslow Arizona.Lori and Brian on their AnniversaryBrian can sometimes be hard to buy gifts for, so instead, I wrote a blog post about what he means to me. He, however, floored me with his gift: adding a beautiful diamond to the hose-clamp I’d been wearing for years after losing my wedding ring. How cool is that?? To read about our week there and more about the Motor Palace, click this link.

Hose Clamp Wedding Ring

#5 and #6 Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out is my favorite event of the year, a four-day weekend of hanging out with the best girls around and riding motorcycles.

Lori at Babes Ride Out on her 2004 Harley-Davidson Sportster* Photo by Corinne Hall *

BRO came at the perfect time this year, a week before my last day at NBC. I was emotionally exhausted from the viral post on my leaving and in need of just letting go. Here’s a wrap up of the weekend.

* Photo by Pam Perea *

#7 Driving Bondorella

There are few things in life that bring me the kind of joy driving my 1948 Ford does, especially during golden hour when she glows and reflects the world around her.  Click for photos of us through the years.

Lori Driving Bondorella

#8 Bicycle Built for Two

Christmas 2017, Brian bought us a cool present: a vintage tandem bicycle. It needed a lot of work, but at long last, we got to take her for the maiden voyage. And Oh! What fun we had!

Lori and Brian on vintage tandem bicycle

Well. There it is. My year wrapped up in Instagram photos.

Told you 2018 was spectacular!

So if 2018 was The Year of Change, what will 2019 be?

2019: The Year of Discovery

In the post on leaving NBC, I wrote about the fear of losing my identity as a photojournalist. I also wrote:

But I’ll never know who else I am unless I let go.

You know what? It’s true. I’m discovering all kinds of things about myself. I love the freelance life and being in control of my schedule. I love getting to spend more time with my parents in Arizona. I love learning new skills, like sewing. I love finally seeing progress on our Motor Palace in Winslow. I love having the time to write and work on my novels. I love discovering new things that I love.

Quite simply:


I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to see what 2019 brings. Let’s all go out and discover new and exciting adventures, and as always…

Be kind, be civil, be adventurous, discover who you truly are.

Until next time…

Later Gators!

P.S. To Letters of Charlie readers… The next letter came on December 13th, but I left the letter in California so didn’t get to make the post! When I get back from Arizona, we’ll catch up with Charlie and Dora.

P.P.S. WordPress created a problem when they switched to a new format, Gutenberg. Sadly, my website is not compatible, so I’ll be rebuilding. If you stop by and the page is a mess, that’s why.

P.P.P.S. I’m alone in Winslow. Brian is alone in Yucca Valley. Our first NYE apart while I prep the Motor Palace for an event. I miss him, but I am happy to see this beautiful snow!

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