APRIL 4, 2014

I’m sure having more than one happy picture to post is bound to happen more than once during the 100 Happy Days challenge. I posted the first during my initial assignment of the day. When you work in news, you cover a whole bunch of icky stuff, but every now and again, we get to cover a feel-good story. Those are my favorites, so of course, I felt exceptionally happy to begin my Friday covering a story with a happy ending.

A couple of weeks ago, two-year-old Emma choked on a hot dog while at daycare (no, that isn’t the feel-good part). The daycare providers called 911 and immediately started CPR, but they had no luck reviving her. When the paramedics arrived, she was unresponsive and not breathing. Fortunately, they were able to dislodge the hotdog and save her before it was too late. This morning, the parents and Emma thanked the firefighters for saving her life. She gave them lots of hugs; they in turn gave her stuffed bunnies. And oh yeah… her life. Nice, right?

After finishing the story, I grabbed a quick sandwich from Haute Cakes in Newport Beach and took it to go, planning to eat it at my next stop, yet another feel-good story, this time involving a dispatcher who helped a nine-year-old girl stay calm during a fire, but as I was driving along the Newport back bay, I saw a big dirt parking lot over looking the water; the perfect place to have my lunch. I still had time before the next assignment, so pulled off and parked, and no sooner had I taken a bite from my half tuna on whole grain, than this little squirrel showed up. Knowing he would enjoy a chunk of bread, I grabbed my Canon 7D with my 70-200 lens from the back, and tossed him a piece. This was the result:

Check out his adorable pink tongue!! So not only did watching this little guy make me happy, the whole environment of where I chose to lunch made for a lovely slice of happy in the midst of my work day. That’s why, I had to make Day 3 a two-fer.

Until tomorrow…

Later gator!


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