100 Happy Days


APRIL 3, 2014

Day Two of my 100 Happy Days brings coffee, but not just any coffee, coffee made from home roasted beans. Is there a difference, you ask? Hell yes there is!! Is it hard to do? Beats the heck out of me. I haven’t tried yet. That’s the feller’s job. From watching, though, I’d say it’s pretty simple and takes only about fifteen minutes.

I bought feller the home roaster for his birthday this year because he likes to do anything and everything he can from scratch, taking it down to the basics, controlling every step. My pal Bobby (a news photographer for the competition) has been home roasting for years, so guided me to the right machine. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, and man! I hope we never get tired of this hobby. Talk about fresh and wonderful coffee!!! The perfect way to start the day.

Did it make me happy? Oh yeah.

It was a good work day too, shooting a story for our LIFE CONNECTED series on NBC, an inspirational segment about a man teaching kids in some of the roughest Santa Ana neighborhoods how to make compost and grow organic foods–exactly the kind of stories I like to shoot.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators

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