100 Happy Days


APRIL 21, 2014

Yep. Back to work Monday kinda fell flat, I’m afraid. Not a bad day by any means. I felt delightfully happy all day. It was just… uneventful. Didn’t get hit with a bazillion 100 Happy Days kind of moments. An uninspiring news story (visually I mean) didn’t help. Picture-poor stories aren’t a lot of fun to shoot. What do I mean exactly?

Okay. So we had to cover Nurse Safety thanks to two stabbings over the weekend involving nurses. Hospitals rarely let us in to shoot (and today was no exception), so what do I do for pictures? We did one interview with a nurse, who met us outside a hospital where she doesn’t even work. Usually, after shooting the interview, we get what’s called B-Roll, video of the subject doing… something. Not much B-Roll opportunity while standing on a sidewalk.

Next, we went to Cal State Long Beach’s nursing school, and interviewed the director in her office. We hoped to shoot some classroom stuff, but nope. Not allowed. Still no B-Roll. I’d have to rely on file.

BUT.. my walk through campus to the director’s office, brought me this:

I have no clue what kind of a flower it is, but man! Is it ever gorgeous!! The thing was the size of a spaghetti squash. Seriously. It totally made me happy. Although I did have a hard time deciding between the one above, and this one. Both are stunning, but ultimately, the pink won. (By the way, after much Facebook pontificating, my friend Jenny figured out it’s an Amarylis.)

Oh, and I also saw this fantastic raccoon statue, the perfect thing to tease my husband. He’s terrified of raccoons, something about a drunken night in a VW Bus with raccoon’s trying to tip them over.

Anyway… hopefully tomorrow will bring a fascinating adventure to make up for the duldrums of today.

Until then…


Later gators!

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