22 Happy Days: THE BFF

APRIL 23, 2014

Just to set the record straight from the top, today’s 100 Happy Days picture is in NO WAY a reaction to yesterday’s ” Oh no! I’m anti-social” rant! I didn’t plan, nor stage having actual human beings in my picture. In fact, I ended up in my BFF’s neighborhood purely due to a weird scheduling thing.

Disclaimer done, let’s move on.

Even though I was supposed to work in OC with Vikki, somehow wires got crossed, and I got sent north to Manhattan Beach. It was a happy mistake for two reasons:

FIRST of all, I got to work with the fabulous Miss Hetty Chang, who exudes joy, even under stress!Granted, it was an unpleasant story–one that included sending me into the park’s men’s room–but the extraordinarily beautiful day made up for that, plus, we spoke with lovely people, including this kid, wearing THE BEST t-shirt:

Will be quiet for $100, will be awesome for free!

I’m much too happy to discuss the details of our story, but if you’d like to watch, I’ve posted it here for you to see.

The SECOND part of the happy mistake, was landing for a live shot just a few short blocks from my BFF’s house!! Yay!! Dinner with her and her girls was so much fun!

My pal Jenny and I met during a USC summer film program back in… 1990(?)… I can’t remember exactly. I’m getting old. Things like dates don’t stick in my head. We hit it off instantly because of our mutual love of all things silly. Twenty-four-years later, we are still friends, and still love all things silly. To make things even sillier, her twins, Sydney and Skylar, ALSO love all things silly (they’re eleven… of course they do). So yes. We had an evening filled with silliness. And Unicorns (I don’t know, they just kept coming up).

My BFF is the reason I’m officially doing the 100 Happy Days challenge. I’d shared a link to Sheri Bomb’s blog post on the topic, and while the concept intrigued me, I hadn’t planned on doing it for real–until Jenny signed up. Of course, I had to join her! I love that we’re doing this together. With the hour drive between us, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with her as I’d like. Hopefully, we’ll find a way to make it happen more often, because boy! Did I have fun with these girls!

So here it is, a collage of my Day 22 happy stuff, my official post.

Oh! And I have one more tidbit from the day to share, one of those weird coincidence things. This weekend is my birthday. The 26th. When we went to pay for dinner at the counter, Jenny said she wanted to treat me for my birthday… and then the guy handed us our number. 26. Just like my birth date. WHOA. Crazy, right? Now maybe you’ll understand the picture with me holding the 26. Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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