100 Happy Days

23 Happy Days: LONG WKND AHEAD

APRIL 24, 2014

The day started out hectic. Before even officially clocking in, the first assignment came my way: Live at noon on an horrific chain reaction accident: Five cars, two fatalities on the I-5 North around four a.m. Considering I don’t roll in the newsvan until 10:30, the challenge of getting on the air for noon is steep. We pretty much had enough time to knock out a CHP interview, set up the live shot, and do our thing. This is what it takes to make TV.Following the morning hustle, we had a lull. Time for lunch, like a real lunch. Instead of cramming something I packed that morning in haste, fitting in bites between multitasking in the newsvan, I went to Knowlwood mostly because I like the decor. And it was close.

But the lull didn’t last long. Shortly after finishing my sandwich, we were off, chasing another story in Santa Ana. Before we even got there, though, we got a call for breaking news. A school bus had crashed in Anaheim Hills.The next two hours were a blur of liveshots.

When our assistant news director asked Vikki and I to stay late, like maybe through the 11pm, I panicked. NO!!!! I’m supposed to be starting my long birthday weekend! Thankfully, the student injuries weren’t severe, and our second crew arrived and passed my video along to the night crew so I could take off (thanks Dennis, Lolita, and SuMo!!).


So you see why pulling the van into the bureau garage and walking away from my oh-so-sexy daily driver for a four day weekend, for sure won my 100 Happy Days picture.

Oh! And I got home (like nine o’clock, too late to leave on our adventure tonight as planned… bummer…) and found a present from Mommy and Daddy! A salt fire bowl. I’ve had some nasty respiratory issues lately, and this is supposed to help. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow, bright and early, we take off on an adventure to somewhere, maybe Winslow as planned, although wind storms might create some road havoc, or maybe some other mystery place. Maybe even a motorcycle adventure. Stay tuned.

Until somewhere on the road tomorrow…

Later Gators!

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