100 Happy Days


APRIL 27, 2014

Today wasn’t ALL about play at the Motor Palace, even if my 100 Happy Days picture was. We did get some stuff accomplished, like moving the vanity into the bathroom, setting up our bitchin’ corner couch thing (even if only in a temporary position) and cleaning my beloved bricks of construction splatter (this is the before pic).

All of these things made me happy, but the late afternoon soccer tournament inside our building with Aiden from the theater across the street, certainly entertained me most. 8-Year-Old -vs- Not-an-8-Year-Old… and yep!! The “old guy” won! Woo hoo!

A few pictures from the super intense tourney.

Yes, the ball in the picture is coming straight toward me, and was in close running for the 100 Happy Days picture… until I came to this one below. Total winner in my book. Both players in action. Coming right at me… and yes. I kicked the ball while taking pictures and sitting in the chair. Totally badass, man.

Well. It’s only 930, and my eyes are drooping closed. Time to go to sleep! Tomorrow we head back home to SoCal.

Until then…


Later Gators!

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