27 Happy Days: ROAD BURROS

APRIL 28, 2014

It’s never easy leaving the Motor Palace, especially now that we’re reaping the rewards of progress. With the apartment flooring in, it finally feels like a liveable space. We had a great morning, though, with the new city manager coming by for a visit, chatting about photography, tourism, cool old stuff, his vision for Winslow, and of course, we gave him a Motor Palace tour.

Over the last four days, tons of 100 Happy Days opportunities came my way thanks to my feller, and this building, a place that truly brings me joy.

Sadly… feller and I both work tomorrow, so we had to leave, but at least we made the drive home fun. This trip we took a new route, cutting south on the 95 through Havasu City. Weird. I always thought Havasu Lake would be bigger. Anyway, farther south, we crossed Parker Dam, and discovered Parker Dam Road would take us to the 62.

This area was SO beautiful, turquoise water, rocky canyons, much prettier than Havasu in my opinion.

And then we came across this sign…

OMG!!! I love burros! I was sure we wouldn’t see any, but a very short time later, we came across this pack of beauties….

I know I said this already, but I really do love burros. These guys just plodded along the roadside keeping us company, somehow knowing to stay on the other side of the line. I totally squealed like a three year old, but seriously!! Look how cute!!

Of course the burros HAD to be my 100 Happy Days picture! I giggled for the next half hour. The rest of the trip continued to be fun, routing through Joshua Tree to the 10 instead of staying on the 40, eating at the Crossroads, and stopping to snap some pics at a graffitti’d ruin with an awesome shoe tree.

Well… I’m writing this post in the truck, still en route to So Cal. We’re about an hour from home now. Bummer man. Being on the road is always more fun.

Until tomorrow’s back to work day…

Later gators!

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