100 Happy Days


APRIL 30, 2014

100 Happy Days? After this very exciting day, I’m feeling more like:





Yep. That’s the truth. Considering I’m in need of a bath (and mentally and physically fried), I’m gonna slam through this.


Downed trees…

Freeway Fires in Irvine…


And more Freeway Fires near Tomato Springs on the 241 Toll Road…


Yet another Freeway Fire in Newport Beach…


And of course the OTHER fires I went to where I didn’t snap pictures. Yep, it was a day of chasing the flames, thus the hot, stinky, sweaty opening paragraph.

BUT… the last fire put me right next to the nature walk at Newport’s Back Bay, and even though I was beat, I took full advantage. Ahhh… so pretty.

AND.. the perfect ending to the day. Sunset over the bay. Now THAT made me happy, just like the bath I’m off to take will too.

How’s that for a simple post? Yee haw! BATH TIME!!!

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

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