100 Happy Days

24 Happy Days: ROAD TRIPPIN’

APRIL 25, 2014

Few things in life give my feller and I more pleasure than hopping on a motorcycle or into a car, and taking off an explorative adventure, an activity that surely belongs in my 100 Happy Days. Even the 8+ hour treks to Winslow–where we own and are restoring a building adjacent to the famous “corner”–are fun.

And that’s where we’re headed in today’s Happy Picture,

a long weekend to our beloved MOTOR PALACE.

We’d hoped to leave last night and get to the halfway mark, but both of us ended up working late, didn’t get home until nine, and still weren’t packed. We even pondered ditching the truck and hopping on the bikes to some other destination after hearing about some windstorms around Flagstaff. Ultimately though, we missed the Motor Palace, and hit the road for Winslow early morning.

Until tomorrow… my birthday!!!…

Later Gators!

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