100 Happy Days

25 Happy Days: MY BIRTHDAY!

APRIL 26, 2014

For those of you who live in the snow, this post might not excite you. For my feller and I, encountering snow, in April, in Arizona thrilled the heck out of us. We had two firsts thanks to the snow: 1. I’ve never, ever been in snow on my birthday, and 2. Brian has never driven during a snow storm. Amazing right? What a fitting thing to include in the 100 Happy Days posts!

I had a tough time deciding which excited me more, the snow, or FINALLY having floors and a bed at the Motor Palace!!! Woo hoo! No more sleeping on concrete. After struggling to agree on which way to go, a guy at a flooring shop in Tustin showed us the result of mixing three woods, and Brian and I instantly agreed. They look fantastic. Plus, they match my hair. Considering when we bought the building, this room had dirt floors, no lights, and half done framing, it truly has come a long way. Now to finish the little details, like paint touch up, door trim, baseboards… the easy stuff.

Many thanks to my feller for surprising me with the floors. I had no idea they’d been put in!

And now, I’m going to go enjoy the remaining hours of this super fantastic birthday, maybe even walk over to BoJos and have a birthday sopapilla with honey. Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Your messages certainly made it so.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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