28 Happy Days: CAKE

APRIL 29, 2014

Okay. I confess. My mom has a nickname for me. “Cakes.” Yep, I know, kinda embarrassing, but hey! It’s fitting, considering I’ve always loved cake (who doesn’t??)! It’s way better than what my dad called me (which I won’t say here because it would offend my feller’s fine sensibilities). At some point, I knew cake would make it into my 100 Happy Days. It had to!

Back-to-work-after-vacation-days are rarely fun, especially when you get dragged all over tarnation as I did today… although I did have a couple of nice “street spots,” like this Suburban somewhere in Placentia…

And this Vette merging lanes onto the Vincent Thomas bridge to avoid a poor little VW conked out in the right lane, with no median to pull over. Luckily, a CHP staged behind him, and helped him get off the bridge going backwards (the Bug, not the Vette).

Speaking of the Vincent Thomas, the beauty of this bridge never fails to astound me.

So what had me running everywhere today? My news stories took me from wind damage in Placentia, to a fire, to an explosion in La Habra, back to wind, and finally to an arson arrest in San Pedro. Fascinating, right?

And did I mention it was blazing ass hot??? It totally was! I need to go back to the snow in Northern Arizona.

Anyway… didn’t this post begin with cake? I think it did, so I think it needs to end with cake. Somehow, I ended up not having cake on my birthday. Crazy, right?? I mean… I’m “Cakes”! I suppose I didn’t because we ate too much lunch, and the place we ate dinner didn’t serve cake, and really, even if they had, I’m not sure I would have had some.

After my crazy, hot, wishing I were still in Winslow day… I figured I deserved cake, because really, sometimes cake is necessary.  A fine 100 Happy Day thing, don’t you think?Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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