APRIL 13, 2014

I love adventures, always have, but it seems the older I get, the more I’m interested in those adventures being of the crowd free kind. Since taxes got in the way of our motorcycle adventure yesterday, we vowed to get out today, so this morning Brian went on the web to find a fun route, and found instead a listing for a small Pioneertown house for an impossibly low price. Just in case it wasn’t a mistake, we threw on some clothes, hopped in the Ram, and headed to the desert with every intention of buying the place if the listed price turned out to be true. Well… it kinda was/kinda wasn’t. It’s up for auction with the super low starting bid. Let’s just say for now, we’re going to investigate further. It’s not much to look at on the outside, but the inside has potential and the land! OH… the land. So very pretty, ideal for a 100 Happy Days post, right?

While we were out there, we went by a few other homesteader cabins for sale. In the fifties, the government gave out five acre parcels as long as you agreed to build a 400 square foot house on it. Many of them have rotted away, but quite a few still have potential, and since we’re looking at this as a weekend getaway/writing hideout, small isn’t an issue.

This one in North Joshua Tree, while not on the prettiest lot, had a fascinating house, like someone just walked away many years ago and left everything behind. The roof recently came off in part, so I imagine it won’t look like this much longer. What a trip, huh? Weirdly that dresser is the EXACT match for the vanity Brian bought me in Winslow. Bizarre man.

We found some treasures in the shed, like this lock, and this Nash visor mirror, but as much as we wanted to rescue them, we chose to be good humans and left them behind.

Because SO MANY images made me happy today, I made a collage for the official post, but here are my favorites, full size.

And certainly, one of our favorite moments of the day was when this dog leaped over his fence and ran along beside us on the dirt road, clocked at 20mph, bounding over bushes and desert junk. He was so stinkin’ cool.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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