100 Happy Days


MAY 01, 2014

Whew. Another exhausting day. It must be the heat. I always say the news camera weighs more when its hot. It was also another day of running all over the place, giving little time to stop and seek my 100 Happy Days moment.

The day started with Ducks hockey practice. I’m not the biggest sports fan, and even less a fan of shooting sports, but I’ve been covering this team since 1998, and they all kinda know me by now, so that’s okay I guess, although I will never… NEVER… enjoy locker room duty.


They do put out a nice spread for us, though. My colleague Pete swears he’s never seen it. He thinks I’m making it up. Well… here’s proof (of course I texted this picture to him, and he texted back with a shot of him in fire country).


Next assignment: Laguna Beach heat/sea lions. No wait! Divert! Long Beach for an arraignment on the San Pedro Elk’s Lodge arsonist. Judge denied cameras. Bah.


Moving on to Downtown L.A. for more Chris Brown BS… yuck. No wait! Diverted again (thank goodness) to Gardena, regarding a PD press release about “chain thefts”… Men ripping gold chains off of elderly woman , even punched a 70-year-old and broke her nose. Got this nice compliment from my reporter and one of the managers about my liveshot.


I was running so much today I didn’t seek out my 100 Happy Days shot. On the long, traffic-laden drive home, this awesome flag gave me a smile.


But the biggest source of happiness came at home, while hanging out in the garage when feller was working on his Fat Boy. My lovely, lovely Chromester. The Sporty and I have been together for ten years, and I still never get tired of looking at her. This bike had been such a source of joy.


Please excuse the crappy writing. Feeling a bit of burnout today. Working too hard. Exhausted. Trying to edit one manuscript. Finish another. Proof for friends. Write a daily blog on happy things… oh… yeah. Let’s keep this happy, shall we? Thank goodness tomorrow is another day.

Until then…

Later gators!

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  • Diane

    Take care of yourself Cakes..Dad and I read your blogs every morning on the porch with our coffee…so enjoyable!!

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