100 Happy Days

32 Happy Days: DITCHIN’ CHORES

MAY 03, 2014

Oh my. So my feller hopped on his Fat Boy this morning and took off for Atascadero to visit his mom. Originally, I was supposed to work this afternoon, so wasn’t going to be able to go, and then I got let off the hook for work, and WOO HOO!! That meant I’d get to ride up with him!!! BUT… dang it. Totally forgot about a Saturday morning appointment. Argh. So off he went, taking my great 100 Happy Days opportunity with him, and leaving me at home to do some much-needed chores while he had fun out on Highway 58.


Not that I resent my feller for having fun. He deserves it. Plus, he really wanted me to go with him. It was my fault I couldn’t. But dang it!! I totally wanted a nice ride. So you know what? I ditched out on the chores, and once I was done with my appointment, pulled the Chromester out of the garage and took a nice little jaunt around town. And you know what? It made me mighty happy.


Plus, I found tons of great photo locations on the old Marine Base.

I swear. I’ll get my chores done tomorrow.

Hey look! A cameo!


Until then…

Later gators!


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