36 Happy Days: NEW TOYS!

MAY 07, 2014

This year for our birthdays, both Brian and I consulted each other regarding our respective presents. I knew I wanted to get him a coffee roaster but didn’t want to get the wrong one, and he knew he wanted to get me a photographic goody, but didn’t know what I needed. So in February for Brian’s, I mentioned a roaster my coffee guru friend recommended, and together Brian and I researched and bought, and we did the same for me with the lens–both of which made it into the 100 Happy Days project, the coffee and now the lens.

My Canon 7D has frustrated me from the day I got it. After our house was burglarized a few years ago, and my camera gear stolen, I went to replace everything, insurance check in hand, and of course went to my regular camera store and dealt with my buddy, totally trusting his recommendation (I was deciding between a 5D and 7D). He felt the 7D would be better for me since I shoot video for a living, so I went with it instead of doing my own research. Funny thing is, I never shoot video on my off days. I’m all about the still.

When I bought the 7D, I stupidly didn’t realize it wasn’t a full frame sensor. It wasn’t until I put my 17-55 lens on and noticed a much narrower field of view, that I figured it out. Argh!! In addition to the lens difference, the image never seems perfectly sharp to me, not like you get on a full frame.

So. Feller says to me while we were on the road, why don’t you sell your 7D and buy a 5D for your birthday? Generous as that offer was, I have a tough time justifying the additional expense for a hobby. I make my living with company owned video equipment, not stills using personal gear, so I went online to read about the optimal lenses for the 7D. Lucky for me, I already had the two priciest of the five listed lenses, but did not have the 10-22mm wide. On the 7D, the wide end equates more like a 17 on a full frame… and that’s what I’d been missing! Bad da Bing! My birthday gift! Woo hoo!

In addition to the 10-22mm, I also picked up a couple of extension tubes for macro shooting. Man! You have to be right up on stuff with those babies!

Oh my goodness. Eyes drifting shut. That’s what I get for starting to write this so late, so please forgive sloppiness or typos, but hey! I was having fun playing with my new toys.

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

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