MAY 08, 2014

Even after spending my entire work day in the Clipper’s practice gym, I somehow remained happy today, in part because, since the players didn’t practice, things remained civilized. We even used a mic stand for sound with the Coach!


SO much better than the usual madness, shown in this photograph hanging in the media waiting room.


Afterward, a player, Jamal Crawford, won the 6th Man of the Year award… whatever the heck that is–again, quite civilized for a sports shoot.


So unlike my usual mood after a day full of sports coverage, I remained content. When I got home, a series of little things made me happy, and rather than post just one 100 Happy Days moment, I tossed them all together into one happy little collage.

First, the arrival of our eBay win, a vintage medicine cabinet for the 66 Motor Palace. Want to hear something crazy? The winning bid settled at 66 dollars. 66 for the 66 Motor Palace. Crazy, right? It’s funny how often that number shows up.


While Brian whipped together this fantastically delicious pasta dish, aptly named Taco Alfredo Molina…


I headed to the patio to experiment with the new extension tubes I got, giving me macro capability without the crazy expense of a macro lens (I got them along with the new 10-22 lens). WOW! Talk about getting close up! The cactus thorns actually poked the glass while I was shooting.

Who knew little baby succulents had such teeth!!

Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day, starting with Ducks practice, and working into the night on a special project that should be visually exciting to shoot. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get my happy day post going sometime in between.

Until then…

Later gators!


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