31 Happy Days: CHIVALRY

MAY 02, 2014

This may surprise you (or maybe not), but I love chivalrous men. I know that’s not very “liberated” of me, and I know full well I’m capable of opening my own doors, but there’s something about gentlemanly protectiveness that makes my heart swell, a fine trait that perfectly resides in my 100 Happy Days, and was beautifully demonstrated by this gentleman opening the door for his lady…

So how did I find this lovely man and his car? Well… I had a pretty nifty day overall. HOT as heck…

… but still nifty. The newsday began with Bruno the police dog being released from the hospital after being shot in the face six weeks ago. According to the Vet, he is doing GREAT… and eager to get back in his patrol car, as you can see in this picture by my friend Rick (I was busy shooting video).

With Wahoos Fish Tacos close by, and with it being SOOOO hot… I skipped my packed lunch and popped in for a spicy fish taco, along with the most GLORIOUS gigantic cup of their iced green tea. Man! It’s funny how such a simple thing can bring such happiness.

It was there I saw the Model A. I first snapped a mediocre iPhone picture for Instagram, then went to have my lunch.

When I came back, the car was still there, so I grabbed my SLR with the 70-200 lens on it to get a better picture, and in that moment, the couple walked out. How perfect! He held her door open while she climbed in, and I quickly began to shoot. Much as I wanted to post the picture with her in it as well, it was a full on booty shot, and I wouldn’t want that of myself, so I refrained and posted the above instead.

Along with the chivalry, I absolutely love seeing these old beauties being driven. They belong on the road, and not in a garage, so thank you, whoever you are, for your lovely manners, and your lovely car, both of which made me mighty happy.


Until tomorrow,


Later Gators!

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