MAY 06, 2014

I do not enjoying covering sports. Simple as that. I’m not a fan, don’t know the players, could care less about who wins, and certainly don’t understand the ins and outs. Plus, there’s ZERO creativity involved in shooting sports! Crowding into a locker room, jockeying for position in a pack of print reporters who don’t need a good spot, and being forced to frame a shot so tight, you can count the athlete’s nose hairs.


Sadly, I’m on the official crew for the Ducks/Kings playoffs (hockey, in case you’re sports ignorant like me). Needless to say, my daily coverage of them makes the 100 Happy Days challenge, challenging.

I did have a nice little street spot with this Dodge Dart, but it didn’t quite qualify for the Happy Day post.


One of the guidelines of the project is to never force the happy moment. Don’t post something because you think it will get “likes” or because it makes a great picture or to be boastful. The post needs to honestly be the moment that made you most happy.

So how crazy is it, that my day’s moment came from the Duck’s locker room, a place I despise!

I had a rough time with Duck coverage yesterday. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but the end result was getting a nasty migraine last night, which carried over into today. And guess what? First assignment, back to the Ducks. ARGH!!

So there I was, standing in the locker room, hating every minute of it, wishing I wasn’t there, feeling like absolute hell, and I looked up and read this quote:


Somehow the words helped put things in perspective, and I pushed through the rest of the day. I’m glad that, instead of focusing on my phone for entertainment while waiting for the players, I took a minute to look around and find my inspiration.

Thanks Jerry West. Well said.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

1 thought on “35 Happy Days: FINDING INSPIRATION”

  1. Diane Bentley

    Wow…I love that! Feel better Cakes and hope you have a good day today. I love what you said about really making your post “real”…some days it is really hard to find something that makes you happy, but I am realizing that there is always something that makes you smile…yesterday was a hard day (will tell you about it later) but the people at Dad’s place were so incredibly nice that even though he is going through a lot right now, they made me feel important and were so kind to Dad it brought tears to my eyes…xoxo

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