MAY 09, 2014

Traffic in Southern California today was… insane. I know, I know. It always is, but today was one of those days when nearly every freeway became a disaster. I sat on the freeway transition between the 605 and the 91 for 45 minutes when a six car accident happened almost right after I got on the transition.

45 MINUTES!! ARGH. At least I wasn’t one of the poor folks in the smash up. Their day was going much worse.

Times like these, it’s scary to think of getting on a motorcycle around here. Every day, my feller rides more than seventy miles roundtrip work. So when I see these signs, they make me both sad and scared, knowing many drivers don’t understand situational awareness, and happy that at least the transit authority is sending a message to think twice. It’s a weird kind of 100 Happy Days post, I realized that, because of the frightening implication.

I’m working a double shift, waiting now to shoot the Night Market at the Fairgrounds, an Asian food and goods market. It should be immensely colorful. Who knows? Maybe my happy day picture will change.

UPDATE: Still working at 1045. So I’m guessing things will not change, and I best just get this post up!

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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