APRIL 14, 2014

Okay. So usually I fill you in on my news day, but I’m not in the mood to share details. I will say this: Two possible serial killers are off the streets after (allegedly) killing four, maybe more, prostitutes in Southern California.

See why I don’t want to expand? Let’s instead move on to the 100 Happy Days project, the thing that saves me when the weight of it all makes me sigh.

Unless you’ve been living under rock, most of you know that I write (and not just this blog). My first novel, MOTOR DOLLS, went into print last September after ten long years filled with rejections and frustrations.

One of the toughest hurdles to overcome when trying to get published is getting an agent. I got lucky with Motor Dolls and actually found one passionate enough about the project to sign me. But getting an agent is only one step. The agent must then get an editor on board, who must then get it through the editorial board at their publishing house. It’s a grueling process, one only a small percentage survive. Motor Dolls made it farther than most, but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to go down the path again with my other novels, but on a whim about a year ago, I sent my latest manuscript, CALIFORNIA COTTON, to an agent. She liked the pitch and asked to read it. Over the last year, a couple emails went back and forth, the manuscript got passed around the agency for different parties to read, and finally–a year later–I have their notes in my hands. They’d like me to rework a few places and send the manuscript back. If you’re not in the writing world, you probably have no idea how rare it is to get feedback like this. I’m giddy about it. My 100 Happy Day moment came the second I opened the envelope.

On top of that great news? I also found out today that CALIFORNIA COTTON made it through to the Quarter Finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest!

SO… I’m setting aside the Motor Dolls sequel (for now), and diving back into California Cotton.

Right this very minute.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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