APRIL 17, 2014

I had a pleasant day all the way around, with plenty of 100 Happy Days opportunities. I’m mighty tired, though, so will keep this short so I can hit the hay.

A slow morning meant lunchtime at the Motor Palace! There’s something very calming about our little shop. Peaceful. With lots of cools stuff to gaze upon.

Of course, there are always cool cars in the Rodder’s Row parking lot (home of the Motor Palace).

And then I passed this phenomenal beauty on my way to our assignment. WOW! So bummed my iPhone wouldn’t focus. Figured it was worth posting anyway because you don’t see glorious beasts like this cruising the streets too often.

Our news story? The return of Su and her cadaver dog, Riggs, from the Oso mudslide, where Riggs successfully found bodies, giving at least some families closure. Such a precious girl!

Here’s a link to the news story:

My apologies for the poorly written post. I’m beat. Nighty night! The idea of bedtime makes me HAPPY…

My conglomeration:

Until Tomorrow…

Later gators!

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