17 Happy Days: TINKERBELL!

APRIL 18, 2014

Yep. Starting today off with a vain, self-indulgent selfie because I really liked my hair this morning. Nothing wrong with that, right? Of course, within an hour of working, it reverted to its usual mess–exactly why I snapped this shot. To prove my hair isn’t always a disaster. That alone should be enough for a 100 Happy Days post, right? But no. The day got even better. I know. Shocking, right?20140418-185434.jpg
Once I stopped admiring my hair, my reporter and I hopped in that fancy news van behind me, and dashed off to our assignment, and oh, what a perfect Friday assignment it was! We got to cover WonderCon!! Woo hoo!


WonderCon, in case you don’t know, is a giant Comic/Fantasy Convention, with CosPlayers, and Authors, and Artists, and anything and everything about the world of fantasy, comic, SciFi. It’s pretty cool stuff. And I tell ya. There’s nothing like seeing grown men in dinosaur suits.


See how happy I was? Okay. So this selfie wasn’t intentional. The story behind Selfie #2, is this: Vikki handed me her camera to take a picture of her with some WonderCon girls, and I took an accidental selfie, which she forwarded to me. Pretty funny stuff, man.


But the BEST part of covering WonderCon, was this little lady below. I noticed her walking around and thought, “Well, she stands out in this crowd!” A moment later, I felt a tug on my sleeve. It was her, asking what I was shooting. I told her. And she told me who she was: TINKERBELL.  Uh huh. Right.


At first, I thought she was simply role-playing, but then she explained she was Disney’s original reference model for Tinkerbell. They filmed her doing the things Tinkerbell would do so the animators would better understand how to draw those movements. How cool, right? She was a total sweetheart, and certainly made my day a happier one.


Here’s the link to our story:



To be totally honest, even though meeting Tinkerbell rocked, it wasn’t my happiest moment of the day, even though I posted it as such. My happiest moment came when I got notification of the Round Two reviews for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award entries. My novel CALIFORNIA COTTON is entered, and has made it now to the Quarter Finals. Check out these stellar reviews so far. They put me over the moon.



ABNA Expert Reviewers:

What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?

“I think the strongest aspect of this excerpt is the multitude of mysteries. Who is this man? What happened the night before to make ” Amelia” want to leave? What happened 3 years ago between her and her father? All the questions make it interesting and make me want to read more. It’s good. I like everything about it. Good characters, interesting plot, well-written, and who doesn’t like an adventure?”

“Who hasn’t had a day when they wanted to run away from the familiar to go on an adventure? I think the majority have felt feelings like Emily.This excerpt is beautifully written with feeling. The reader has empathy for Emily and her lonesome life. A father that doesn’t speak to her, a submissive mother, troubled relationship and so much isolation. I was vicariously thrilled that she ran away with a stranger. This excerpt was a pleasure to read. I felt immediate empathy for Emily’s situation and her joy of running off with a stranger. I definitely want to read more.This was well written with realistic dialogue, excellent descriptions and the hook needed to make me want more. Great work!”



See why they made me so happy? I’m still smiling.

Until tomorrow’s happy moment… (woo hoo! Saturday!!)


Later gators!


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