100 Happy Days

19 Happy Days: LAZY SUNDAY


I admit it. We didn’t get out of our pjs today. We spent the bulk of the day, in bed, drinking home-roasted coffee, and working on our respective projects. What a perfect 100 Happy Days, happy day, right? Sometimes you just need to kick back and recalibrate. AND… we were even productive! I’m in the throes of editing my manuscript, California Cotton, and got a ton accomplished, while Brian worked on some upcoming photo books. Did I mention a box of Sees Candy joined as well, complete with cute bunny box?


We also enjoyed some of the delicious organic berries Bondorella hauled home for us yesterday, and had a gorgeous pan of colorful roasted vegetables for dinner. See? We weren’t all THAT lazy. Or at least I wasn’t.


Unlike Brian, I didn’t stay in bed ALL day (throwing you under the bus, baby). I actually spent part of the morning sitting at my favorite table (the one above with the berries) and working on a novel critique while looking out our lovely plants, like this lavender.


May not seem like much of a day, but I’m ending it filled with happiness and contentment. I’d call that a successful, happy day.

Bummer the weekend is over, man.

Until back-to-work Monday,

Later gators!

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