100 Happy Days

41 Happy Days: LIL’ SURPRISES

MAY 12, 2014

The wind actually howled outside our windows this morning, and when I went upstairs to make coffee, and stepped out onto the patio, it was already hot, and it was only 8 am. I think all the wind brought allergies with it, judging by my puffy eyes and weird fatigue. So how does this play into my 100 Happy Days? Uh… It doesn’t. But it’s nearly six pm, and I haven’t yet had… the moment.

It was one of those days, you know? Started with a total bone-headed move, grabbing ArmorAll instead of Windex, and dousing my newsvan windshield with it. Let me tell ya! That stuff ain’t easy to get off of glass!

Our news story didn’t particularly inspire me (although we did get an email from the assistant news director complimenting Vikki and I on a job well done)…

A story on red flag warnings due to the wind and heat and–

Wait! Stop! Hold the presses!

Shortly after typing the beginning of this post, I got a text from my feller, with a picture of a box, addressed to me, and delivered to the Motor Palace several days ago, where our neighbor held it until we could pick it up.

Yay!! A surprise! One from super cool people, too! Knowing I had an ACME Speedshop box gave me something to look forward to, making the rest of my day whiz by, as I eagerly anticipated what could be inside!

ACME is a passion business for our pals John and Cynthia. You’ll find them on any given weekend at car shows and events, showcasing their Automotive Art and Apparel. They’re car people, of course, who both exude joy, and have this really awesome van, seen here at our Winslow Motor Palace from their recent road-trip to the Lonestar Round Up in Austin, Texas.

In addition to being a fantastic car girl (seen here with her Roxy the Ranchero)…

…Cynthia has a real knack for scavenging junk and repurposing her finds. When I opened the box and found this fantastic muffin tin and her sweet note, my day became much brighter.

Cynthia and I share a love of rusty old things with succulents growing out of them, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do with this beauty, and every time I look at it, I’ll think of this generous thing a friend did to put a smile on my face.

Thanks, pal!

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

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