APRIL 16, 2014

Some days, our news assignment fights us, like today. By noon, we’d made no progress on our serial killer follow up. We had a one o’clock interview at Anaheim PD to get an update regarding a possible fifth victim, but one interview does not a story make. Our assignment managers reassigned my reporter, and I went on to get the soundbite. Wow. Certainly no 100 Happy Days material there. This paragraph is not at all interesting.

What is interesting, is the Facebook message that popped into my inbox early afternoon from fellow news photographer and pal, Jose:


Hi Lori. I love your #100happydays. I’d love to chat with you about it on my radio show tonight.


Sure! Why not? Spreading happy is never bad, and the show sounded fun. For the last couple of years, Jose and his twin brother, Angel, have hosted an internet radio show, TWIN TALK, powered by Live 365. About what?


“Now you can experience the world through the Twins’ Hernandez distinct points of view:
Differing opinions molded from a life of ups, downs, sideways and out
where the only thing constant is their unique alliance and rivalry.”


I had a blast chatting with the guys about trucks, motorcycles, MOTOR DOLLS, the 100 Happy Day project, and why I wanted to do it. If you’ve been reading along, you know the happy day moments are a good counterbalance to the negativity of the news biz, but really, it’s a great tool for anyone to help remain focused on the positive. 100 days may seem daunting, but do it.

During the show, it dawned on me I hadn’t yet made my happy post. While waiting for their call, I’d been playing with some vintage hot wheels in our Toy Room (my writing room), and of course snapped some pictures. They certainly made me happy,  an awesome post, right? But the lighting was sketchy, as you can see, creating one narrow-ass depth of field.


And then I did a little head slap. Well, duh! Of course my happy moment was talking to the Twins! We laughed, we sang, we told tales. What could be happier than that? Thanks for making my choice so easy, Twins! Be sure to check out their show at Twin Talk Cast.


Until tomorrow…


Later gators!


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