100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: THE END

JULY 10, 2014

WOW. The Happy Days challenge is done. Over. Finito. I’ve got to say, 100 Days is a LONG time. I think the biggest lesson in all of this, beyond even “finding the happy,” is discipline. Doing something every day for a 100 days is tough, especially the (self-imposed) task of writing a blog post every day. 

What the hell was I thinking adding that on?? BUT I DID IT!! WOO HOO!!!

I’d planned to post this “I’m happy being a Motor Doll!” picture of Bondorella, me, and my novel MOTOR DOLLS in my awesome new Hometown Jersey as my final post.

But I didn’t, because something else happened. Something so over the top NUTS it’s impossible to believe, but it is 100% TRUE. The pure randomness of this moment, the total goosebump-inducing-craziness of this couldn’t be passed up. In case you didn’t read the Facebook post, I’ll recap. We went to the ultra cool Anaheim Packing House for dinner, ordered our food, and staged ourself until a seat came open. The second two opened up next to each other, we plopped down to wait for our fish, and I glanced at the edge of my table. Right there, directly in front of me, this message:

Seriously crazy, right??? I mean like, Twilight Zone level freakishness. I’m still flabbergasted by the timing and serendipity. And it wasn’t like there were options of places to sit and I CHOSE this one. The place was packed and this happened to be the one that came open. On the 100th day of my 100 Happy Days. WHOA.

Okay. So the number one Happy Days picture by likes?

#1 – Day 81, our anniversary at the Motor Palace, with 178 likes.

#2 – Day 59, The Porn Sled, with 78 likes (much to my chagrin. Brian will never let me live this down).

#3 – Day 45, A Lovely Friday Night, with 77 likes (my personal favorite).

Notice something in common? Yep. All three have Brian and me in the picture, which says to me, our friends like us as a couple, and that makes me exceedingly happy. Thank you!

And now, the bottom three. To be fair, when I first started posting the 100 Happy Days to Facebook, I added the daily picture to an album, and often times instead of liking the picture, the person would like the album, so my early pictures are much lower in likes.

#1 – Day 21, Earth Day–pretty weed growing out of concrete, with just 2 likes

#2  –  Was a tie.

Day 8, Caddy and Croissant


Day 16, Hero Dog, both coming in with just 3 likes.

#3 – also a tie:

 Day 3, Squirrel This one baffled me. I mean come on!! I captured the squirrel’s cute little pink tongue!!


Day 4, Writing Day, both with 7 likes. I get why this one didn’t get a ton of likes. But it sure made ME happy!

My vote for least genuine? Day 97, The Sailboat. It was a throwaway, an I need to post something, so here it is. It’s the only time in the 100 Days I didn’t put much thought into the post. BOO! I even named it, LAMEST POST.

According to my pictures, nature clearly makes me happy. I’ve always thought of myself as a city girl, but time and time again, being out in the middle of nowhere amongst nature found its way into my 100 Happy Days. Kind of like when I was a kid and we’d go camping. I’d go on nature walks by myself, something that made me incredibly happy (other than when I walked up on a bear… YIKES!) I hadn’t realized that part of me still existed. Cool man.

Was the experience life changing? Not necessarily, although it did make “happy” an even more active part of my consciousness.

Writing a daily blog wasn’t part of the challenge, not technically, but I’m a writer. I wanted to see if I could force myself to write even when I didn’t feel like it, if I could keep up the stamina to put something down every single day, even when it sucked (and many did!). If you’ve been reading along, thank you. I didn’t promote the posts or try to drive traffic here because this was primarily an exercise for me and I knew the writing likely wouldn’t be stellar. I did go back the day after each Facebook post and add the link to the picture (Click this link to see the full album–you’ll see there are 101 photos. The squirrel made for a two-fer. That’s how much I loved that squirrel). Now that the challenge is over, I’m glad I added the blog part. It’s kinda cool having 100 consecutive days of my life chronicled. After a break, I may just get back to it. We’ll see.

The challenge may be ending, but my happiness is not. Happy is a habit, one I already had in my arsenal, but I still let the negative nature of news stories affect me too much. During this challenge–by focusing on happy–I found it easier to fight the neggies from grabbing hold. No regrets here for taking on the 100 Happy Days… and winning.

Yee haw!!!

Thanks again for following along. You’ve made the experience that much more fun.

Until next time…

Later gators!!

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