100 Happy Days

11 Happy Days: BED TIME!

APRIL 12, 2014

I fell asleep around nine with a stinking headache, and woke up at quarter to twelve remembering I never posted my 100 Happy Days picture!! WHEW!! I’d feel rotten if I failed just eleven days in. We’d planned on taking a little motorcycle ride, so that was going to be my picture, but then we realized we needed to do taxes. Ew. No happy picture there!!

I did enjoy seeing a couple fun things today, like our shop neighbor Brock’s 1931 VLD. It was nice to see one complete to get some ideas for our own VLD project.


It was also fun seeing this Ferrari our shop neighbor Chris had been working on loaded onto a flatbed.


But oh man… bed time felt especially good. And what made me happiest?? Remembering in the nick of time to post!!! and WOO HOO! Taxes are done! Nighty night!

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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