APRIL 19, 2014

Running errands is always more fun in Bondorella. People smile and wave. They gather around when you park. They even roll down their windows at stop lights to ask questions. Yes. Each one of these scenarios happened today on my little run to the Berry Stand and to the market, so of course, my mini-adventure with Bondorella made it into my 100 Happy Days.

Looking back, the entire day was filled with happy. In addition to getting some much needed chores done (my front plants were SCREAMING to be watered), I squeezed in some writing, took Bondorella out on our little berry fetching adventure, hung out with my feller, hopped on the Bonnie Lass, and joined some super fun friends for dinner and a hang out at the Motor Palace.

Yep. I’m going to bed (at 12:45 am) a very happy girl.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!



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