4 Happy Days: WRITING TIME

APRIL 5, 2014

I had a nice plan for my Saturday 100 Happy Days picture. I was going to see some of my oldest (and best) friends at a bat mitzvah, something that made me super happy, but no. My stinking immune system of late failed, and I got sick AGAIN. Third time this year. Instead of going to the party and having fun, I had to stay home. On top of that, since feller now had a free day, he hopped on a Harley-Davidson Slim he’s been trying out and took off for a super fun motorcycle adventure, ditching my sick ass at home. Boo!

But wait. This blog is supposed to be about happy, so let’s just ignore all of that stuff I just wrote. I did in fact, find my happy. Instead of wallowing in sadness, I took the free, uninterrupted time, made a nice pot of that home-roasted coffee I love, and set up in our breakfast nook overlooking the kitchen patio to work on the Motor Dolls sequel. I wrote nearly all day and got tons accomplished, making me feel, not only happy, but mighty productive–even if I did have way too much gunk coming out of my head.

Writing Time: Canon 7D, 70-200 lens.

Plus, those two mugs on the table, the skull and the cow–both gifts from my pal Jenny–really make me smile.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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