I’m Week 6: Sweet Inspiration

February 8, 2016 – This week’s challenge came handed to me Saturday night in a pretty cellophane bag with blue and silver ribbons. Literally. I went to a bat mitzvah with old friends. We laughed. We danced. We resurrected twenty-five-year-old stories. (BTW… Stellar job on the party Robbie and Connie!) At the end of the super fun night, we were handed a s’mores kit. How perfect for this week’s Sweet Inspiration challenge, right?


Week 6:

Artistic/Sweet Inspiration

Your artistic interpretation this week should be inspired by something sweet. A great chance to play with macro photography.

Up until now, I’ve waited until week’s end to post, that way I wouldn’t settle for the first image I liked. Instead, I’d evaluate a variety of shots made throughout the week, and pick the best. This week, I’m changing it up, because seriously, there’s no way I’ll get a shot I like better than the s’mores.

The sweet inspiration hit the morning after the Bat Mitzvah. This is how it began. All clean and pristine.

Clean Smore

My original intention was simply this. And then… DUH!! It’s a S’MORE! There HAS to be flame.

I grabbed the little torch. Set the shot. and BAM. Round One. Bingo.


Because I wasn’t sure I had the shot, I kept shooting. Things got messier.

Messy S'More

And messier.

Messier S'More

And messier. (The following are iPhone shots)

img_8802 And messier.

img_8800 And… MESSIER… even the hair got messy. Okay, yeah. So I never combed it today. Anyway…img_8797Mmmmmm TASTY.
I tell ya… this might just be my favorite photo in the challenge so far, and not just because I got to eat the subject.

Until next week’s Faceless Portrait…


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