Week 47: Landscape Abandoned

November 27, 2016 – In the Mojave desert, you’ll find abandoned things at every turn: homestead houses and mining equipment, cars and tractors, gas stations and cafes, especially along the defunct Route 66. The buildings deteriorate more and more every year until they eventually crumble into nothing. On our recent trip back from Winslow, I asked Brian to pull over in Essex so I could photograph this cafe and its stellar shadows for this week’s Landscape Abandoned.

Week 47: Landscape Abandoned


Capture an image of that which others have forgotten.

It may be the last image before its gone from us forever.

That last statement holds so much truth. Over the years, we’ve photographed many of the buildings along the Mother Road, and sadly, watched them get worse over time, like the Roadrunner cafe, whose sign fell to ruin–literally, the Roadrunner’s head came off– and the Meteor City Trading Post’s whose mural of the route fell off the fence, warped, and eventually faded into nothing. All we have now are our photographs. Lots and lots of photographs of abandoned things.

The Reject:

Just to push myself, though, I looked for something non-building to represent abandoned, and on my morning hike, found this hat perched on a cactus, abandoned. Kinda cool, but not as cool as the cafe shadows.


This officially catches me up. Woo hoo!! And now I can focus on this week’s challenge Artistic Bokeh…

Until Wednesday…

Later gators!

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