April 7, 2016 – You may recall I started this challenge as a kick in the butt to stop reaching for the iPhone instead of my DSLR. Spoiler alert: I broke that rule this week. As my immensely wise husband says: A photographer is not made by the camera. Use what you have available. And what I had available when we circuitously ended up at Giant Rock last weekend was my iPhone.


March 5, 2016 – Dang, it’s been a busy work week. Cool, but busy, shooting segments for our upcoming Olympic special: Two super women, one a water polo player/competitive surfer, one a mountain biker. I’ve had little time to shoot for the challenge, even though the theme was one I really liked. Artistic Shadows.


January 3, 2016 – I like challenges. Just ask my friend the Rubber Duck. I don’t know if it’s the competitive side of me, or the joy I find in structure. Working from an assignment is my ideal–which hey, explains why being a television photojournalist works for me. Every day I’m given a news assignment to be completed by day’s end.

Look at that! Insight into what drives me. (more…)

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