MAY 05, 2014

Let’s just skip over my news day, shall we? Ducks/Kings. Hockey. Smelly locker room. Technical Problems. EW. Need I say more? No 100 Happy Days moment came at work, that’s for sure.

The best part of the day came when I walked in the door of my house and into the kitchen, where I found my favorite feller making one of my favorite foods: homemade corn tortillas.

Sadly, I was way too tired and lazy to grab my camera bag and take a real picture, instead going the easy way with the iPhone–which I’m rarely happy with. Anyway, Brian started making these beauties regularly a couple of years ago, and man! I can’t stand to eat pre-made tortillas anymore. He’s totally spoiled me.

OMG. And then I tasted his new experimental meat, cooked in Rose’s Lime juice and chiles and vinegar. Coupled with avocado on one of his tortillas? I’m telling you. BEST. TACO. EVER.

The only other happy thing today, was the morning visit from Professor, our neighbor’s cat. It’s nice to get to play with one without having to maintain a litter box, kinda like the joys of being an Aunt: Just hand the things over when they stop being fun.

Considering I’ve already fallen asleep twice while trying to write this, I’m off to bed.

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

APRIL 29, 2014

Okay. I confess. My mom has a nickname for me. “Cakes.” Yep, I know, kinda embarrassing, but hey! It’s fitting, considering I’ve always loved cake (who doesn’t??)! It’s way better than what my dad called me (which I won’t say here because it would offend my feller’s fine sensibilities). At some point, I knew cake would make it into my 100 Happy Days. It had to!

Back-to-work-after-vacation-days are rarely fun, especially when you get dragged all over tarnation as I did today… although I did have a couple of nice “street spots,” like this Suburban somewhere in Placentia…

And this Vette merging lanes onto the Vincent Thomas bridge to avoid a poor little VW conked out in the right lane, with no median to pull over. Luckily, a CHP staged behind him, and helped him get off the bridge going backwards (the Bug, not the Vette).

Speaking of the Vincent Thomas, the beauty of this bridge never fails to astound me.

So what had me running everywhere today? My news stories took me from wind damage in Placentia, to a fire, to an explosion in La Habra, back to wind, and finally to an arson arrest in San Pedro. Fascinating, right?

And did I mention it was blazing ass hot??? It totally was! I need to go back to the snow in Northern Arizona.

Anyway… didn’t this post begin with cake? I think it did, so I think it needs to end with cake. Somehow, I ended up not having cake on my birthday. Crazy, right?? I mean… I’m “Cakes”! I suppose I didn’t because we ate too much lunch, and the place we ate dinner didn’t serve cake, and really, even if they had, I’m not sure I would have had some.

After my crazy, hot, wishing I were still in Winslow day… I figured I deserved cake, because really, sometimes cake is necessary.  A fine 100 Happy Day thing, don’t you think?Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

APRIL 27, 2014

Today wasn’t ALL about play at the Motor Palace, even if my 100 Happy Days picture was. We did get some stuff accomplished, like moving the vanity into the bathroom, setting up our bitchin’ corner couch thing (even if only in a temporary position) and cleaning my beloved bricks of construction splatter (this is the before pic).

All of these things made me happy, but the late afternoon soccer tournament inside our building with Aiden from the theater across the street, certainly entertained me most. 8-Year-Old -vs- Not-an-8-Year-Old… and yep!! The “old guy” won! Woo hoo!

A few pictures from the super intense tourney.

Yes, the ball in the picture is coming straight toward me, and was in close running for the 100 Happy Days picture… until I came to this one below. Total winner in my book. Both players in action. Coming right at me… and yes. I kicked the ball while taking pictures and sitting in the chair. Totally badass, man.

Well. It’s only 930, and my eyes are drooping closed. Time to go to sleep! Tomorrow we head back home to SoCal.

Until then…


Later Gators!

APRIL 25, 2014

Few things in life give my feller and I more pleasure than hopping on a motorcycle or into a car, and taking off an explorative adventure, an activity that surely belongs in my 100 Happy Days. Even the 8+ hour treks to Winslow–where we own and are restoring a building adjacent to the famous “corner”–are fun.

And that’s where we’re headed in today’s Happy Picture,

a long weekend to our beloved MOTOR PALACE.

We’d hoped to leave last night and get to the halfway mark, but both of us ended up working late, didn’t get home until nine, and still weren’t packed. We even pondered ditching the truck and hopping on the bikes to some other destination after hearing about some windstorms around Flagstaff. Ultimately though, we missed the Motor Palace, and hit the road for Winslow early morning.

Until tomorrow… my birthday!!!…

Later Gators!

APRIL 5, 2014

I had a nice plan for my Saturday 100 Happy Days picture. I was going to see some of my oldest (and best) friends at a bat mitzvah, something that made me super happy, but no. My stinking immune system of late failed, and I got sick AGAIN. Third time this year. Instead of going to the party and having fun, I had to stay home. On top of that, since feller now had a free day, he hopped on a Harley-Davidson Slim he’s been trying out and took off for a super fun motorcycle adventure, ditching my sick ass at home. Boo!

But wait. This blog is supposed to be about happy, so let’s just ignore all of that stuff I just wrote. I did in fact, find my happy. Instead of wallowing in sadness, I took the free, uninterrupted time, made a nice pot of that home-roasted coffee I love, and set up in our breakfast nook overlooking the kitchen patio to work on the Motor Dolls sequel. I wrote nearly all day and got tons accomplished, making me feel, not only happy, but mighty productive–even if I did have way too much gunk coming out of my head.


Writing Time: Canon 7D, 70-200 lens.

Plus, those two mugs on the table, the skull and the cow–both gifts from my pal Jenny–really make me smile.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

APRIL 3, 2014

Day Two of my 100 Happy Days brings coffee, but not just any coffee, coffee made from home roasted beans. Is there a difference, you ask? Hell yes there is!! Is it hard to do? Beats the heck out of me. I haven’t tried yet. That’s the feller’s job. From watching, though, I’d say it’s pretty simple and takes only about fifteen minutes.

I bought feller the home roaster for his birthday this year because he likes to do anything and everything he can from scratch, taking it down to the basics, controlling every step. My pal Bobby (a news photographer for the competition) has been home roasting for years, so guided me to the right machine. We’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, and man! I hope we never get tired of this hobby. Talk about fresh and wonderful coffee!!! The perfect way to start the day.

Did it make me happy? Oh yeah.

It was a good work day too, shooting a story for our LIFE CONNECTED series on NBC, an inspirational segment about a man teaching kids in some of the roughest Santa Ana neighborhoods how to make compost and grow organic foods–exactly the kind of stories I like to shoot.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators

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