Let’s take a break for Spring with a few iPhone flower photos, shall we?

California Wildflowers

Is that why “Spring Break” is a thing?  A moment to break away from the stress of life to stop and smell the flowers?

California Wildflowers

I’ve had my fair share of flower-smelling lately.

California Wildflowers

Since January, I’ve been off work with a shoulder injury…

…and to keep from losing my mind in the house all day, I’ve been taking a lot of hikes, and GUESS WHAT???

Spring has Sprung!

The California wildflowers are OFF THE HOOK this year. And the variety!! 

California Wildflowers

California Wildflowers
California Wildflowers

I’ve never seen so many colors and types and shapes carpeting the hillsides. Extraordinary!

In case you’re wondering, the flowers were all photographed in various Orange County (CA) regional parks–Peters Canyon, Santiago Oaks, El Modena, and Laguna Canyon Wilderness–all, pretty exceptional oases in the middle of Southern California madness.

Well… break’s over. Back to polishing the second draft of my next novel.

If you’re in California, go for a hike. Smell the flowers. Have an adult Spring Break. If you’re somewhere still buried in snow, I hope these flower photos bring you joy.

Until next time…



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    I’m loving this Cali spring! It’s pretty gorgeous up here in NorCal too.

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