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You are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your posts about Historic Wintersburg. And, I loved your use of a muffin tin for plants. I have a hunch we have similar interests! Hope we can have you come out to Historic Wintersburg some time so you can walk the land and see the history. Best, Mary

Thanks so much Mary! I think you’re right! And yes… I would LOVE to see the site!

I am sorry someone who is so articulate, clearly smart and thoughtful is leaving the business. I am sorry the very people we all work so hard to inform so often turn against us. I wish you the best of luck.

PEOPLE AREN'T MORONS. They don't believe the media is full of lies and misrepresentation because a man in an oval office says so, they believe it because they've seen it for themselves and know it's true! They have seen the bias and lying for years and saw it go into overdrive once Trump won an election. The only thing Trump did is emboldened the many who realized they were not in fact a tiny minority, as the media loves to portray.

Sorry you work in a field that is so corrupt — but don't put the blame on a "boogey man" and then paint the masses — your audience — as a bunch of mindless robots that follow his command. Put the blame where it belongs, an abandonment of the principles of journalism and reporting the truth in order to satiate the desires of corporate overlords. You're all complicit in the crimes against society.

– An informed citizen.

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