Let’s take a break for Spring with a few iPhone flower photos, shall we? Is that why “Spring Break” is a thing?  A moment to break away from the stress of life to stop and smell the flowers?I’ve had my fair share of flower-smelling lately. Since January, I’ve been off work with a shoulder injury… …and to keep from losing my mind in the house all day, I’ve been taking a lot of hikes, and GUESS WHAT??? Spring has Sprung! The California wildflowers are OFF THE HOOK this year. And the variety!! 

February 25, 2017 – Howdy! If you’ve been following along, you know in 2016 I participated in the Dogwood 52 Week Photo Challenge, one photo a week on an assigned topic, and since I’m a writer, I added the additional challenge of writing a weekly blog post about the image made. Whew. This year, I’m giving myself a break. Although I’m participating in the Dogwood 2017 Advanced 52 Week Photo challenge, I’m going to focus my writing on what matters… my novels.


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September 14, 2016 – Sometimes the Universe perfectly aligns and the photo challenge drops into my lap, like this week’s Portrait Fashion. A fellow moto-girl (and phenomenal photographer) announced her new line of American-Made women’s coveralls (check them out here) so of course I immediately pre-ordered mine and guess when they came? Yep. This week. AND… she asked for a picture of me wearing them. Two birds; one stone. (more…)

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