Hello friends of Dora and Charlie! I had a brilliant idea, one I should have thought of in April. The idea is this: Post the letters on the date of the letter, that way we feel as Dora did waiting for the next one. To get current, I’ll post this one from April 20, then over the next couple of days, May 9, June 1, then hopefully I can post the letter from June 30th on the 30th, so...


April and May went by in a novel-editing blur thanks to a fantastic conversation with an editor from a major publishing house, facilitated by my super-cool agent. The editor was spot on with her ideas to improve the manuscript, and while there are no guarantees, I’m thrilled with the edit. After a month and a half pounding away at keys, I have emerged from my 1952 motorcycle adventure and hit send. (more…)

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