MAY 02, 2014

This may surprise you (or maybe not), but I love chivalrous men. I know that’s not very “liberated” of me, and I know full well I’m capable of opening my own doors, but there’s something about gentlemanly protectiveness that makes my heart swell, a fine trait that perfectly resides in my 100 Happy Days, and was beautifully demonstrated by this gentleman opening the door for his lady…

So how did I find this lovely man and his car? Well… I had a pretty nifty day overall. HOT as heck…

… but still nifty. The newsday began with Bruno the police dog being released from the hospital after being shot in the face six weeks ago. According to the Vet, he is doing GREAT… and eager to get back in his patrol car, as you can see in this picture by my friend Rick (I was busy shooting video).

With Wahoos Fish Tacos close by, and with it being SOOOO hot… I skipped my packed lunch and popped in for a spicy fish taco, along with the most GLORIOUS gigantic cup of their iced green tea. Man! It’s funny how such a simple thing can bring such happiness.

It was there I saw the Model A. I first snapped a mediocre iPhone picture for Instagram, then went to have my lunch.

When I came back, the car was still there, so I grabbed my SLR with the 70-200 lens on it to get a better picture, and in that moment, the couple walked out. How perfect! He held her door open while she climbed in, and I quickly began to shoot. Much as I wanted to post the picture with her in it as well, it was a full on booty shot, and I wouldn’t want that of myself, so I refrained and posted the above instead.

Along with the chivalry, I absolutely love seeing these old beauties being driven. They belong on the road, and not in a garage, so thank you, whoever you are, for your lovely manners, and your lovely car, both of which made me mighty happy.


Until tomorrow,


Later Gators!

MAY 01, 2014

Whew. Another exhausting day. It must be the heat. I always say the news camera weighs more when its hot. It was also another day of running all over the place, giving little time to stop and seek my 100 Happy Days moment.

The day started with Ducks hockey practice. I’m not the biggest sports fan, and even less a fan of shooting sports, but I’ve been covering this team since 1998, and they all kinda know me by now, so that’s okay I guess, although I will never… NEVER… enjoy locker room duty.


They do put out a nice spread for us, though. My colleague Pete swears he’s never seen it. He thinks I’m making it up. Well… here’s proof (of course I texted this picture to him, and he texted back with a shot of him in fire country).


Next assignment: Laguna Beach heat/sea lions. No wait! Divert! Long Beach for an arraignment on the San Pedro Elk’s Lodge arsonist. Judge denied cameras. Bah.


Moving on to Downtown L.A. for more Chris Brown BS… yuck. No wait! Diverted again (thank goodness) to Gardena, regarding a PD press release about “chain thefts”… Men ripping gold chains off of elderly woman , even punched a 70-year-old and broke her nose. Got this nice compliment from my reporter and one of the managers about my liveshot.


I was running so much today I didn’t seek out my 100 Happy Days shot. On the long, traffic-laden drive home, this awesome flag gave me a smile.


But the biggest source of happiness came at home, while hanging out in the garage when feller was working on his Fat Boy. My lovely, lovely Chromester. The Sporty and I have been together for ten years, and I still never get tired of looking at her. This bike had been such a source of joy.


Please excuse the crappy writing. Feeling a bit of burnout today. Working too hard. Exhausted. Trying to edit one manuscript. Finish another. Proof for friends. Write a daily blog on happy things… oh… yeah. Let’s keep this happy, shall we? Thank goodness tomorrow is another day.

Until then…

Later gators!

APRIL 30, 2014

100 Happy Days? After this very exciting day, I’m feeling more like:





Yep. That’s the truth. Considering I’m in need of a bath (and mentally and physically fried), I’m gonna slam through this.


Downed trees…

Freeway Fires in Irvine…


And more Freeway Fires near Tomato Springs on the 241 Toll Road…


Yet another Freeway Fire in Newport Beach…


And of course the OTHER fires I went to where I didn’t snap pictures. Yep, it was a day of chasing the flames, thus the hot, stinky, sweaty opening paragraph.

BUT… the last fire put me right next to the nature walk at Newport’s Back Bay, and even though I was beat, I took full advantage. Ahhh… so pretty.

AND.. the perfect ending to the day. Sunset over the bay. Now THAT made me happy, just like the bath I’m off to take will too.

How’s that for a simple post? Yee haw! BATH TIME!!!

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

APRIL 29, 2014

Okay. I confess. My mom has a nickname for me. “Cakes.” Yep, I know, kinda embarrassing, but hey! It’s fitting, considering I’ve always loved cake (who doesn’t??)! It’s way better than what my dad called me (which I won’t say here because it would offend my feller’s fine sensibilities). At some point, I knew cake would make it into my 100 Happy Days. It had to!

Back-to-work-after-vacation-days are rarely fun, especially when you get dragged all over tarnation as I did today… although I did have a couple of nice “street spots,” like this Suburban somewhere in Placentia…

And this Vette merging lanes onto the Vincent Thomas bridge to avoid a poor little VW conked out in the right lane, with no median to pull over. Luckily, a CHP staged behind him, and helped him get off the bridge going backwards (the Bug, not the Vette).

Speaking of the Vincent Thomas, the beauty of this bridge never fails to astound me.

So what had me running everywhere today? My news stories took me from wind damage in Placentia, to a fire, to an explosion in La Habra, back to wind, and finally to an arson arrest in San Pedro. Fascinating, right?

And did I mention it was blazing ass hot??? It totally was! I need to go back to the snow in Northern Arizona.

Anyway… didn’t this post begin with cake? I think it did, so I think it needs to end with cake. Somehow, I ended up not having cake on my birthday. Crazy, right?? I mean… I’m “Cakes”! I suppose I didn’t because we ate too much lunch, and the place we ate dinner didn’t serve cake, and really, even if they had, I’m not sure I would have had some.

After my crazy, hot, wishing I were still in Winslow day… I figured I deserved cake, because really, sometimes cake is necessary.  A fine 100 Happy Day thing, don’t you think?Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

APRIL 28, 2014

It’s never easy leaving the Motor Palace, especially now that we’re reaping the rewards of progress. With the apartment flooring in, it finally feels like a liveable space. We had a great morning, though, with the new city manager coming by for a visit, chatting about photography, tourism, cool old stuff, his vision for Winslow, and of course, we gave him a Motor Palace tour.

Over the last four days, tons of 100 Happy Days opportunities came my way thanks to my feller, and this building, a place that truly brings me joy.

Sadly… feller and I both work tomorrow, so we had to leave, but at least we made the drive home fun. This trip we took a new route, cutting south on the 95 through Havasu City. Weird. I always thought Havasu Lake would be bigger. Anyway, farther south, we crossed Parker Dam, and discovered Parker Dam Road would take us to the 62.

This area was SO beautiful, turquoise water, rocky canyons, much prettier than Havasu in my opinion.

And then we came across this sign…

OMG!!! I love burros! I was sure we wouldn’t see any, but a very short time later, we came across this pack of beauties….

I know I said this already, but I really do love burros. These guys just plodded along the roadside keeping us company, somehow knowing to stay on the other side of the line. I totally squealed like a three year old, but seriously!! Look how cute!!

Of course the burros HAD to be my 100 Happy Days picture! I giggled for the next half hour. The rest of the trip continued to be fun, routing through Joshua Tree to the 10 instead of staying on the 40, eating at the Crossroads, and stopping to snap some pics at a graffitti’d ruin with an awesome shoe tree.

Well… I’m writing this post in the truck, still en route to So Cal. We’re about an hour from home now. Bummer man. Being on the road is always more fun.

Until tomorrow’s back to work day…

Later gators!

APRIL 27, 2014

Today wasn’t ALL about play at the Motor Palace, even if my 100 Happy Days picture was. We did get some stuff accomplished, like moving the vanity into the bathroom, setting up our bitchin’ corner couch thing (even if only in a temporary position) and cleaning my beloved bricks of construction splatter (this is the before pic).

All of these things made me happy, but the late afternoon soccer tournament inside our building with Aiden from the theater across the street, certainly entertained me most. 8-Year-Old -vs- Not-an-8-Year-Old… and yep!! The “old guy” won! Woo hoo!

A few pictures from the super intense tourney.

Yes, the ball in the picture is coming straight toward me, and was in close running for the 100 Happy Days picture… until I came to this one below. Total winner in my book. Both players in action. Coming right at me… and yes. I kicked the ball while taking pictures and sitting in the chair. Totally badass, man.

Well. It’s only 930, and my eyes are drooping closed. Time to go to sleep! Tomorrow we head back home to SoCal.

Until then…


Later Gators!

APRIL 26, 2014

For those of you who live in the snow, this post might not excite you. For my feller and I, encountering snow, in April, in Arizona thrilled the heck out of us. We had two firsts thanks to the snow: 1. I’ve never, ever been in snow on my birthday, and 2. Brian has never driven during a snow storm. Amazing right? What a fitting thing to include in the 100 Happy Days posts!

I had a tough time deciding which excited me more, the snow, or FINALLY having floors and a bed at the Motor Palace!!! Woo hoo! No more sleeping on concrete. After struggling to agree on which way to go, a guy at a flooring shop in Tustin showed us the result of mixing three woods, and Brian and I instantly agreed. They look fantastic. Plus, they match my hair. Considering when we bought the building, this room had dirt floors, no lights, and half done framing, it truly has come a long way. Now to finish the little details, like paint touch up, door trim, baseboards… the easy stuff.

Many thanks to my feller for surprising me with the floors. I had no idea they’d been put in!

And now, I’m going to go enjoy the remaining hours of this super fantastic birthday, maybe even walk over to BoJos and have a birthday sopapilla with honey. Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Your messages certainly made it so.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

APRIL 25, 2014

Few things in life give my feller and I more pleasure than hopping on a motorcycle or into a car, and taking off an explorative adventure, an activity that surely belongs in my 100 Happy Days. Even the 8+ hour treks to Winslow–where we own and are restoring a building adjacent to the famous “corner”–are fun.

And that’s where we’re headed in today’s Happy Picture,

a long weekend to our beloved MOTOR PALACE.

We’d hoped to leave last night and get to the halfway mark, but both of us ended up working late, didn’t get home until nine, and still weren’t packed. We even pondered ditching the truck and hopping on the bikes to some other destination after hearing about some windstorms around Flagstaff. Ultimately though, we missed the Motor Palace, and hit the road for Winslow early morning.

Until tomorrow… my birthday!!!…

Later Gators!

APRIL 24, 2014

The day started out hectic. Before even officially clocking in, the first assignment came my way: Live at noon on an horrific chain reaction accident: Five cars, two fatalities on the I-5 North around four a.m. Considering I don’t roll in the newsvan until 10:30, the challenge of getting on the air for noon is steep. We pretty much had enough time to knock out a CHP interview, set up the live shot, and do our thing. This is what it takes to make TV.Following the morning hustle, we had a lull. Time for lunch, like a real lunch. Instead of cramming something I packed that morning in haste, fitting in bites between multitasking in the newsvan, I went to Knowlwood mostly because I like the decor. And it was close.

But the lull didn’t last long. Shortly after finishing my sandwich, we were off, chasing another story in Santa Ana. Before we even got there, though, we got a call for breaking news. A school bus had crashed in Anaheim Hills.The next two hours were a blur of liveshots.

When our assistant news director asked Vikki and I to stay late, like maybe through the 11pm, I panicked. NO!!!! I’m supposed to be starting my long birthday weekend! Thankfully, the student injuries weren’t severe, and our second crew arrived and passed my video along to the night crew so I could take off (thanks Dennis, Lolita, and SuMo!!).


So you see why pulling the van into the bureau garage and walking away from my oh-so-sexy daily driver for a four day weekend, for sure won my 100 Happy Days picture.

Oh! And I got home (like nine o’clock, too late to leave on our adventure tonight as planned… bummer…) and found a present from Mommy and Daddy! A salt fire bowl. I’ve had some nasty respiratory issues lately, and this is supposed to help. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow, bright and early, we take off on an adventure to somewhere, maybe Winslow as planned, although wind storms might create some road havoc, or maybe some other mystery place. Maybe even a motorcycle adventure. Stay tuned.

Until somewhere on the road tomorrow…

Later Gators!

APRIL 23, 2014

Just to set the record straight from the top, today’s 100 Happy Days picture is in NO WAY a reaction to yesterday’s ” Oh no! I’m anti-social” rant! I didn’t plan, nor stage having actual human beings in my picture. In fact, I ended up in my BFF’s neighborhood purely due to a weird scheduling thing.

Disclaimer done, let’s move on.

Even though I was supposed to work in OC with Vikki, somehow wires got crossed, and I got sent north to Manhattan Beach. It was a happy mistake for two reasons:

FIRST of all, I got to work with the fabulous Miss Hetty Chang, who exudes joy, even under stress!Granted, it was an unpleasant story–one that included sending me into the park’s men’s room–but the extraordinarily beautiful day made up for that, plus, we spoke with lovely people, including this kid, wearing THE BEST t-shirt:

Will be quiet for $100, will be awesome for free!

I’m much too happy to discuss the details of our story, but if you’d like to watch, I’ve posted it here for you to see.

The SECOND part of the happy mistake, was landing for a live shot just a few short blocks from my BFF’s house!! Yay!! Dinner with her and her girls was so much fun!

My pal Jenny and I met during a USC summer film program back in… 1990(?)… I can’t remember exactly. I’m getting old. Things like dates don’t stick in my head. We hit it off instantly because of our mutual love of all things silly. Twenty-four-years later, we are still friends, and still love all things silly. To make things even sillier, her twins, Sydney and Skylar, ALSO love all things silly (they’re eleven… of course they do). So yes. We had an evening filled with silliness. And Unicorns (I don’t know, they just kept coming up).

My BFF is the reason I’m officially doing the 100 Happy Days challenge. I’d shared a link to Sheri Bomb’s blog post on the topic, and while the concept intrigued me, I hadn’t planned on doing it for real–until Jenny signed up. Of course, I had to join her! I love that we’re doing this together. With the hour drive between us, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time with her as I’d like. Hopefully, we’ll find a way to make it happen more often, because boy! Did I have fun with these girls!

So here it is, a collage of my Day 22 happy stuff, my official post.

Oh! And I have one more tidbit from the day to share, one of those weird coincidence things. This weekend is my birthday. The 26th. When we went to pay for dinner at the counter, Jenny said she wanted to treat me for my birthday… and then the guy handed us our number. 26. Just like my birth date. WHOA. Crazy, right? Now maybe you’ll understand the picture with me holding the 26. Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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