Writing about life outside of things that go VROOM!
  • My Life in Black and White: Day 3 – Attitude Matters

    I took this iPhone photo on Monday, while prepping for my news day, but didn’t post because an abundance of outside garbage seriously twisted my attitude into Debbie-Downer-Doldrums. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day Two – Slow Down

    There’s something soothing about late afternoon, watching clothes blow on the line, and while yes, there are things I should be doing–unfinished projects (hello skirt two-years in the making), life planning, food prep, novel reworking, and kitchen floor cleaning–sometimes it’s best to sit back on a Sunday and simply watch clothes blow on the line. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day One – Mindfulness

    Let’s talk about being mindful. But first a word about My Life in Black and White

    I’m stupid about challenges. I really like them–the whole having a plan to execute, a daily assignment. A Facebook friend posted a seven-day “My Life in Black and White” challenge, and of course, anything involving photography gets my blood pumping, so here I go, my modification of the challenge, making my own rules to serve me best–by adding in an element of self-reflection. (more…)

  • Magic Wheelchair

    July 31, 2017 – People often ask how we–as news people–cope with reporting on people’s worst days, how we stay positive in a world of negative, how we find joy in what we do. I always say it’s the people we meet, whose stories we tell–good or bad–that make the job rewarding. (more…)

  • Jail Escape

    January 26, 2017 – Talk about a wild crazy couple of news days! We had an exclusive Tuesday. A big one.

    First let’s go back to January 2016, when three prisoners escaped from Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana. (more…)

  • Bum Shoulder and a 4 Our Heroes Shoot

    Friday July 21, 2017 –  As you may know, I’m a television photojournalist. For twenty-three years I’ve covered news for NBC Los Angeles, not only around Southern California but also the world, loaded down with a beast of a camera–which leads to where I am now, with a bum shoulder. But hey… I’m adaptable, right? (more…)

  • Feeling disconnected? Me too! Site crash!!

    July 16, 2017 – Howdy friends! If you’ve cruised either Motor Dolls or my author site this week, you may have found disconnected pictures or wonky formatting. There’s a reason why. (And no… it has nothing to do with this randomly placed photo of my tailgate I took today…) Talk about a major site crash! (more…)

  • Hillbilly at Heart

    I blame my love of vintage house-dresses and boots on my half-hillbilly blood, courtesy of my daddy. (more…)

  • Spring

    Let’s take a break for Spring with a few iPhone flower photos, shall we? Is that why “Spring Break” is a thing?  A moment to break away from the stress of life to stop and smell the flowers?I’ve had my fair share of flower-smelling lately. Since January, I’ve been off work with a shoulder injury… …and to keep from losing my mind in the house all day, I’ve been taking a lot of hikes, and GUESS WHAT??? Spring has Sprung! The California wildflowers are OFF THE HOOK this year. And the variety!! 

  • Dogwood 2017 – Old Things I Love

    February 25, 2017 – Howdy! If you’ve been following along, you know in 2016 I participated in the Dogwood 52 Week Photo Challenge, one photo a week on an assigned topic, and since I’m a writer, I added the additional challenge of writing a weekly blog post about the image made. Whew. This year, I’m giving myself a break. Although I’m participating in the Dogwood 2017 Advanced 52 Week Photo challenge, I’m going to focus my writing on what matters… my novels.