Writing about life outside of things that go VROOM!
  • Vagabond Life


    1. wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: a vagabond tribe.
    2. leading an unsettled or carefree life.
    3. disreputable; worthless; shiftless.
    4. of, relating to, or characteristic of a vagabond: vagabond habits.
    5. having an uncertain or irregular course or direction: a vagabond voyage.


  • My Life in Black and White: Day 7 – Appreciate

    I have a lot of great things in my life, especially this guy right here. One of the secrets to maintaining a happy life and a happy marriage is to appreciate what you have around you and appreciate the one you’re with. Every day. Remember all the reasons you chose this person to spend forever with. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day 6 – Go Blank

    I had a stare down with a squirrel. That’s about as philosophical as I’m going to get today. Sometimes it’s good to just go blank, you know?

    It’s been stupid hot in Southern California, which meant my entire news week consisted of stories about weather. Friday, at least, took us to the beach–dog beach in Huntington to be precise. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day 5 – Small Moments

    It’s bathtime, one of my favorite times of the day, a chance to soak and relax and reflect–or to fall asleep, which I often do, waking up cold with water-crinkled fingers. Even so, it’s a daily ritual I love.


  • My Life in Black and White: Day 4 – Grit

    Grit. It’s the thing that keeps you going despite setbacks and frustrations. Even before my current shoulder challenge, my boss and I frequently discussed the characteristics of grit. We have similar philosophies on the topic, and lately, our talks have helped me through some of the difficulties regarding the new way I have to approach work, so I found it particularly bizarre that an Instagram ad came up in my feed for Best Self (a success journal), and a blog post entitled “5 Ways to Build Grit.”   Crazy timing, huh?


  • My Life in Black and White: Day 3 – Attitude Matters

    I took this iPhone photo on Monday, while prepping for my news day, but didn’t post because an abundance of outside garbage seriously twisted my attitude into Debbie-Downer-Doldrums. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day Two – Slow Down

    There’s something soothing about late afternoon, watching clothes blow on the line, and while yes, there are things I should be doing–unfinished projects (hello skirt two-years in the making), life planning, food prep, novel reworking, and kitchen floor cleaning–sometimes it’s best to sit back on a Sunday and simply watch clothes blow on the line. (more…)

  • My Life in Black and White: Day One – Mindfulness

    Let’s talk about being mindful. But first a word about My Life in Black and White

    I’m stupid about challenges. I really like them–the whole having a plan to execute, a daily assignment. A Facebook friend posted a seven-day “My Life in Black and White” challenge, and of course, anything involving photography gets my blood pumping, so here I go, my modification of the challenge, making my own rules to serve me best–by adding in an element of self-reflection. (more…)

  • Magic Wheelchair

    July 31, 2017 – People often ask how we–as news people–cope with reporting on people’s worst days, how we stay positive in a world of negative, how we find joy in what we do. I always say it’s the people we meet, whose stories we tell–good or bad–that make the job rewarding. (more…)

  • Jail Escape

    January 26, 2017 – Talk about a wild crazy couple of news days! We had an exclusive Tuesday. A big one.

    First let’s go back to January 2016, when three prisoners escaped from Men’s Central Jail in Santa Ana. (more…)