Photojournalist for NBC Los Angeles, author of novels featuring women who love things that go VROOM!,  and full-blown Motor Doll, who is happiest behind the wheel of her ’48 Ford, or blazing across the desert on a motorcycle.


I love old stuff, especially anything automotive. It’s hard to explain to those who do black-flips for the latest shiny new thing, why I’d rather have the rusty, old, and worn. It’s a love of history and craftsmanship, coupled with the romantic idealism of something surviving for decades, centuries even. Old things carry a history of their prior life–and yeah, I know you can argue a thing can’t live, but every time I get behind the wheel of my ’48 Ford, Bondorella, her past sings to me through every creak and rumble and bump.

If you’d like to read about other inspiring Motor Dolls around the world, check out my Motor Dolls blog!


When I was thirteen I got my first camera and have been seeing life through a viewfinder ever since. In 1994, I found my profession as a television News Photojournalist for NBC, first in San Luis Obispo CA, then onto Los Angeles, where I’ve spent the last twenty years shooting video and editing segments for our evening news. I have a love/hate relationship with this work, seeing people on their best, and their worst days.

2015 NBC’s Clear the Shelter Event

The best day stories make the bad worthwhile. I’ve met so many inspirational people, gone around the world, and seen and done things I could never have imagined, like leaning out the back of a Chinook helicopter with the National Guard, or sitting down with a First Lady for a one-on-one interview, or spending a month in Athens and Sydney and Salt Lake City for the Olympic games, or being in St. Peters Square during the Papal Conclave. Those kinds of stories drive me on.


I worked as principal photographer on several episodes of the half-hour weekly show Travel Cafe, shooting in Fiji, Hong Kong, and Kauai, to name a few. I also had the privilege of shooting a documentary on nationally renowned artist, Milford Zornes—one of the coolest human beings I’ve ever met. Man. I hope to be like him when I’m 90.


Besides old cars and motorcycles and photography, I love to write. Writing gives me that perfect escape from the ugliness of news. In that realm, I’ve had two short stories published: one about a girl who dreams of being a fish, and another about a girl who believes she’s the reincarnated soul of a Shitzu. Hmmm. Kind of sensing a theme. Anyway, the dog story, HAPPY GIRL, was chosen as the publication’s feature story.

I’ve completed seven novels, with more in various states of completion.

My debut novel MOTOR DOLLS , a girl-powered adventure following two Motor Dolls in search of life’s passion, sold out the first run. Subscribe for printing updates.

My agent Mary C. Moore of the Kimberley Cameron & Associates Agency is currently shopping my latest two novels, one, a 1935 road-trip with a girl and a fabulous Buick, the other, a 1952 Gypsy Tour with twenty-two-year-old Greet and her 1936 Harley Davidson.


I live a swellegant vagabond life in Southern California with my best feller, a whole bunch of misfit motorcycles, and of course, my beloved ’48 Ford Truck, Bondorella.

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Later Gators!

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