46 Happy Days: THE PROFESSOR

MAY 17, 2014

So I was working on my novel edits this morning, when around eleven a.m. I realized I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to go have fun instead. Rather than forcing the words, I packed my old Schwinn into the back of Bondorella and headed to Irvine Regional Park, forgetting that–yeah it’s Saturday, a whole bunch of others will be there having Happy Days as well.


Other than the abundance of bounce houses and birthday pinatas, it wasn’t too bad, especially once I took off onto the bike trails.

46bike446cacflow46bike246cactusflower46 Bike 5

One of these shots was GOING to be my happy day picture until I got home a had a visit from our neighborhood cat, the Professor.


I’m sure Bondorella won’t mind making room, and certainly will┬ámake an appearance again in the next 50+ posts, but this face!! When will I capture this face again????

46 DAY of 100 Happy Days


Until tomorrow…

Later Gator!

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