Motor Dolls!

MOTOR DOLLS! Action filled tale of two classic car and motorcycle loving girls: Jeda, an adrenaline-fueled graphic artist, and Benny, a grad student in meltdown and photographer who not only documents Jedas outrageous antics on film, but also helps discover the bizarre truth behind Jedas compulsion to push the edge. Read it now!

Motor Palace Press!

Not only is Motor Palace Press MOTOR DOLLS publisher, its also where Lori does all of her blogging on all things that go VROOM!! Read about Motor Dolls from around the world, along with her own adventures on the road!


Besides writing and things that go Vroom!, Lori loves to cook, especially with her feller. Follow their culinary adventures and experiments in Homesteading!


Life as a news photographer, author, and lover of all that goes VROOM! Come inside, grab a cup of tea and a slice of pie, straddle the Bultaco motorcycle in my dining room, and let me bore you... (ahem)... entertain you with the randomness of my days.

Every Day is a Happy Day

JULY 31, 2014 Howdy friends! I’ve been quiet since finishing the 100 Happy Days project. I needed a break. Forgive me? Not that I haven’t been writing. This isn’t my only blog. On TOWN-HOME-STEADERS (a blog Brian and I record our adventures in the kitchen and “homesteading”). I’ve written two entries, one on TWO CROWS, a property we’re […]

100 Happy Days: THE END

JULY 10, 2014 WOW. The Happy Days challenge is done. Over. Finito. I’ve got to say, 100 Days is a LONG time. I think the biggest lesson in all of this, beyond even “finding the happy,” is discipline. Doing something every day for a 100 days is tough, especially the (self-imposed) task of writing a blog […]

99 Happy Days: EVENING DRIVE

JULY 9, 2014 The minute I walked in the door from work,  Bondorella’s siren song called to me from the garage, Come drive me! Come drive me! Brian wasn’t home from work yet, and I’d been wanting to get her out for a picture with a very cool new shirt I got (more on that […]

98 Happy Days: SCAVENGED ART

JULY 8, 2014 So after a long hot busy day at work, I came home to my super swell feller, and sat down at our breakfast nook table to share a plate of food. Romantic, right? We’re like that. (Not really). Sharing meals with my man is always a highlight of a day, and therefore […]

97 Happy Days: LAMEST POST

JULY 7, 2014 Seriously. Unless the next three days are really pathetic, this will have to go down as my lamest 100 Happy Days post. This sailboat. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with this sailboat and I did get a moment of pleasure watching it glide across the ocean, but as my feller so kindly […]


JULY 6, 2014 I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the last fifteen or so days my Happy Days blog burnout. It hasn’t gotten a whole lot better although I did finish one major chore that will help! Remember back to Day 13, when I got notes back from an agent on my novel CALIFORNIA […]


JULY 5, 2014 Wow. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a relaxing long weekend at home. Every weekend, we’ve been running off somewhere, so kicking back and simply playing with my patio plants, running a couple of errands, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my best feller has made me exceptionally happy. Often those tiny little moments make […]


JULY 4, 2014 I write this while firecrackers explode outside the house. Can’t see them, but I can hear them. Our place is surrounded by big Eucalyptus and Pine trees, so we can never see far beyond our patio, even though the firework shows are close. But that’s okay. I’ve seen fireworks before. We’d planned […]

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JULY 3, 2014 I’m going to apologize right off the top for anyone who had to sit in an office today, under fluorescent lights, behind a desk, in the confines of four walls. Or a cube. Especially a cube. There may not be tons of 100 Happy Days opportunities there. That’s one of the nice […]

92 Happy Days: CAT ANTICS

JULY 2, 2014 I’ve mentioned in a few of my 100 Happy Days posts, my neighbor’s cat The Professor. He’s a super cool dude. And the best part? He’s not mine, so I don’t have to feed him, scoop his poop, or put up with misbehaving. Lately, he’s even been meowing at the door to […]


JULY 1, 2014 Whew. It was a fun news day but an exhausting one covering the World Cup game between Belgium and the United States. Part of Pine Street in Long Beach became a gigantic street party as 1000s watched a jumbo-tron set up in the middle of the closed down street. Ah… happy days. […]

90 Happy Days: CRESCENT MOON

JUNE 30, 2014 After a day too busy to actively seek my 100 Happy Days moment, I came home–at 9pm–and looked up to find this glorious crescent moon. I thought of the man in the moon and how much he’d enjoy sitting on the tip with his fishing pole, but then I remembered: That’s the DreamWorks […]

MOTOR DOLLS: A winning mix!

  • Rich with imagery, this is one of those books that just makes the rest of the world go away it is so engaging. Not only do I love the adventures and mystery that they find themselves in the middle of, but I love that the two main characters are thoroughly unique, independent, and courageous.