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Lori Bentley Law

Author, NBC news photojournalist, pie baker. Favorite things? My feller. My '48 Ford F1. And my beloved two-wheeled beasts who take me on the grandest adventures.

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From Featured Motor Dolls around the world, to motoring adventures, updates on motorcycle and car projects, and Novel News, click the Star to go to the Motor Dolls blog.

100 Happy Days

I did it!

100 Days straight of blogging about things that make me happy. Might not be stellar writing, but the exercise helped me keep perspective in the midst of news coverage! You'll find my non-motor blogging below.


One Published, More to Come!



Life as a photojournalist and other non-motor moments...
  • So Far in 2015…

    Yep. I’m one of those people who hits reset on January 1st. Not that I make hard and fast goals, but I take time to reevaluate where I am.  My writing. My time management. My health. Those are the three that come up every year. How predictable, right? (more…)

  • Every Day is a Happy Day

    JULY 31, 2014

    Howdy friends! I’ve been quiet since finishing the 100 Happy Days project. I needed a break. Forgive me? Not that I haven’t been writing. This isn’t my only blog. (more…)

  • 100 Happy Days: THE END

    JULY 10, 2014

    WOW. The Happy Days challenge is done. Over. Finito. I’ve got to say, 100 Days is a LONG time. I think the biggest lesson in all of this, beyond even “finding the happy,” is discipline. Doing something every day for a 100 days is tough, especially the (self-imposed) task of writing a blog post every day.  (more…)

  • 99 Happy Days: EVENING DRIVE

    JULY 9, 2014

    The minute I walked in the door from work,  Bondorella’s siren song called to me from the garage, Come drive me! Come drive me! Brian wasn’t home from work yet, and I’d been wanting to get her out for a picture with a very cool new shirt I got (more on that in a minute).  (more…)


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