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Lori Bentley Law

Author, NBC news photojournalist, pie baker. Favorite things? My feller. My '48 Ford F1. And my beloved two-wheeled beasts who take me on the grandest adventures. Click the Camera to learn more!

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From Featured Motor Dolls around the world, to motoring adventures, and updates on motorcycle and car projects, click the Star to go to the Motor Dolls blog.

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Believe it or not, I have a life outside things that go Vroom! This is the catch-all for everything else, including my current project, the 52 Week Photo challenge! Click the Pencil to read more!


Seven Written, One Published, One Being Shopped!


  • Two More Novels in the Motor Dolls series are up next! Second one written and in the polishing stage, third one plotted and ready to write!
  • A exciting new historical fiction in the works, stirred by a real life person who is truly fascinating. Can’t wait to tell her story!
  • Any interest in a YA story about a girl obsessed with Mod Culture and Scooters? I wrote Scooter Girl several years ago and stuck it on a shelf. Drop me an email if you’d like to see me publish it. Also wrote a Middle Grade novel called, The Undergrounders
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52 Week Photo Challenge

LorBon1 (2)

Beginning of the year, I took on the challenge of taking a photograph a week according to an assignment for the entire year: The Dogwood 52 Week Photo Challenge. Each week I’ll blog about the photo I made, and the challenges faced, like this photo, week one’s assignment of a self portrait. Check out why I decided to join!


  • Week 34: Portrait Child

    August 24, 2016 – Oh boy. I seriously worried about this one. I have no children in my life. Zero. And photographing random kids on the street just seems… weird. Lucky for me, I was at the Santa Ana Public Library covering a news story, and it so happened they were hosting an event celebrating the readers in the community, complete with pizza party and a magician, and lots of cameras. I could have gone with sweet and laughing and charming, but man! This girl’s stink eye is too funny, so she became my Portrait Child. (more…)

  • Week 33: Artistic Collaboration

    July 19, 2016 – Hey! Did you know today is the 177th birthday of the invention of photography? Yep. Sure is. In honor of this milestone, we went silly with this week’s challenge of Artistic Collaboration.  Mom and I paired up and came up with this bit of ridiculousness. (more…)

  • Week 32: Landscape Colorful

    August 10, 2016 – I thought I had my photo for this week’s Landscape Colorful, but then two nights ago, I rounded the corner for home, and the sight on the hill before me made my jaw drop. The setting sun had turned the vegetation fiery, and the full moon had started to rise. Weirdly, I almost didn’t stop because it had been a long hot day covering a barricaded suspect, and then I thought, Are you kidding me?? Get that photo!!! So I did. (more…)

  • Week 31: Portrait Street Candid

    August 3, 2016 – As a television news photographer, it’s my job to point a video lens at strangers on the street, but for some reason, with my personal camera in hand–and shooting for a hobby not a news story–I had a tough time. It felt invasive.  Would I want someone photographing me and posting a picture to their personal social media? Hmmm. I suppose it depends on the photo. Even so, I committed to this challenge, so pushed myself to get a  Street Candid Portrait. (more…)

  • Week 30: Artistic Patterns

    July 27, 2016 – Dang! Am I happy the weekend is here. The last couple of work days were… trying. Why? Well, Thursday began with stepping in a giant wet pile of dog poo, getting locked out of my camera locker and asking Santa Ana PD’s CSI unit on site to use their bolt cutters, and the day went on in that vein and continued into Friday. Combined with the off-the-charts humidity, I’m exhausted. Throughout the week, I worked on the Artistic Patterns shot, but wasn’t satisfied with any of the images. Finally, Saturday morning, brain relaxed, I made a few I liked, this guitar pic being mine and Brian’s favorite.



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